The Priestess Journey

Welcome Beautiful Ones to my new blog!

I, like many people,  am in the process of remembering that I am a Be-ing of Light. In fulfillment of the memories I am uncovering,  I am in training to be a priestess.

Having spent a lifetime in doubt and believing myself to be unloved and unlovable,  I finally sought out my personal connection to the Feminine Divine. You might say that I called out for my mother. The healing is so far quite profound. I practice godspousing and it has not always been a smooth process.  I am finding things much easier to live as authentically as I can manage. Reconnecting with my Divine Feminine self and with my Mother  is helping me heal years of wounding and hurt.

My pagan practices span 32 years as of this writing.  In 32 years,  I never simply asked the Universe to reveal my goddess mother to me.  I had just spent two horrific years exploring Heathenry.  I was spiritually drained and in need of a new direction. I was at war with myself and my deities.  Everything was suffering as a result. So I started a priestess training program, Beautiful Ones. During the third moon,  I went on vacation thinking I would have a profound spiritual experience. You are supposed to have profound experiences at the ocean.  It is a given, is it not?

That didn’t happen.

I came home feeling lost in the woods. It took a little time for me to realize I had dropped a significant work I needed to go back to if I wanted to be whole.

I dug out an old statue. The popular but ambiguous Wiccan Spiral Goddess by Abby Willowroot. I’d given up Wiccan practices years ago within my first three months of pagan study. The reasons are not relevant here except to say that I am not Wiccan. It had been a long time since I had seen the statue. I am unsure about the reasons why I never asked for Her name. I suppose I held an unconscious belief that we could choose our deity.

I kept choosing one deity after another while avoiding the act of letting Spirit move.

We can, Beautiful Ones. It is possible to choose what deity we want to work with. We absolutely can choose our deities and foster a relationship. Sometimes,  it may prove to be beneficial for our greatest good if we let Them choose us or come to us.

There is no right or wrong way,  Beautiful Ones. Both approaches are valid.

I took down the Norse statues, replaced the shelf,  and put the Goddess in place.

That night I ritualized a plea for my goddess to make Her name and face known to me.  I anointed the statue and prayed, offering incense to sweeten the request. I cried with all my Be-ing.

In the morning,  I had the name of Thetis, Mother of Achilles. Goddess of the Seas. Thetis Silver-footed. All the Greek references I had encountered and questioned all through the previous week made sense.

I am not a reconstructionist, but I am picking up elements of Hellinismos. I read somewhere on the Labrys site that “all things that are necessary are free”.

I’ve had that born out. I hope to share those miraculous experiences here in future writings. That is why I am here, Beautiful Ones,  to perhaps be a help to others in their explorations.

I believe this experience is profound enough that I want to share it with others,  the Beautiful Ones. I do this on the off chance that someone else is just beginning to experience the Hellenic deities as I am and may find something helpful.

I am Pharia Katharos. Because I am a tower of Light. (So are you,  Beautiful Ones) Because I desire to end my days purified and holier than when I began.

My goddess is Thetis. I am not an expert on Thetis or Hellinismos. I am in a lifelong learning process. I would hope that I never again come to a point where I believe myself to have all knowledge of anything.

I am a priestess in training. This blog is my place to share my progress,  mistakes and corrections, and my bliss.

I practice devotional polytheism with a current focus on Adornment as a path to the Goddess. There are many paths to the Feminine Divine. Adornment is simply one. This is my starting point and I hope to explore many more with you,  Beautiful Ones.

I offer tarot readings,  Intuitive readings,  and ritual offerings, and Reiki.

I am a practitioner of belly dance. It has always been a great connector leading straight to the Divine Feminine. It carries energies that work well in the path of Adornment.

This is my spiritual story. I Welcome you,  Beautiful Ones,  to my corner of the Universe and may Thetis Silver-footed, wash you in waves of Her myriad blessings of joy and abundance.

Love and Light,  Beautiful Ones.

** here is a list of terms that beta readers felt would be helpful to have defined for those who are unfamiliar.

Heathenry is an umbrella term for people engaged in spiritual practices focused on Northern European, Germanic,  and Scandinavian (some British as well,  I believe) religious practices in pre-Christian times.

Labrys is a Hellenic reconstructionist group seeking to revive pre-Christian practices of ancient Greece and Hellas.

Godspouse is a term used in paganism to describe an intensely personal devotional relationship between practitioner and deity that is couched in the context of marriage and enables the practitioner to experience deity as the Lover of the Soul.

Hellenic, Hellas are terms denoting ancient Greece.

Hellinismos is a term used for Greek Polytheism,  Greek Paganism,  and the religious practices arising from those beliefs.

Adornment is the ritual practice of beautifying the body,  the Spiritual Vehicle, through the use of dress,  jewelry,  cosmetics,  and perfumes to connect with the Divine Feminine. It may also include practices that shape both the inner and outer body through diet and exercise. Sometimes body modifications arts are employed such as piercings,  scarring,  or tattooing.

All of these terms will be covered further in the development of this blog. Please feel free to comment or contact me with questions or content ideas you hope to see covered.


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