Universal Love

Universal Love is the thing that drives us and the thing we reach for,  Beautiful Ones. 
It must begin with the self. 
All devotion,  all love,  all passion and effort must begin by reaching within and discovering that you are worthy of love simply because you exist and live.
Nothing else grows,  Beautiful Ones,  until you accept yourself. 

Will some fall away? 
But your time with them has done.

Adornment will not work if you will not accept yourself,  Beautiful Ones.

Prayer works so much better from a place of self acceptance.

Chanting has real power once you love yourself.

The fastest route to find the Divine Feminine is to love yourself as your Divine Mother would love you. 


Today,  Beautiful Ones,  move in love and kindness towards your soul.  Let go of these ideas that you are not worthy. Let go of the hurt you’ve been holding onto. It will do you no good thing in this world. 
You are Loved. Breathe it in , Beautiful Ones. 

Today be kind to yourself and put on the robe of Love,  Beautiful Ones.  Let your Lotus Goddess Feet walk gently through this world.


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