Adornment starts

Beautiful Ones,  on the advice of my Beloved,  I started my course of self love and self care by looking at the body in which I travel this world.
The Beloved suggested a very simple adornment to raise my vibration, aka seeing myself as pretty.
I got my nose pierced.
It is an ages old practice that came to Western culture through the act of hippies traveling to India in the Love Revolution years of the Sixties and Seventies.
Hindu women typically use it to depict marital status and as an Ayurveda practice to help reproductive health.
Here in the West,  we use it to rebel against conservative culture and as adornment.
It raises our beauty vibration immediately regardless of age. Which is why I liked it immediately. Beautiful Ones,  I am no spring chick.
Depending on what your energetic works happen to be,  crystals can be implemented by adorning your body with a nose ring housing the appropriate stone or stones. I use this to decorate myself in offering to the Beloved also.  He seems to approve.
It is one of the simplest adornments and can be easily implemented as part of a daily devotional routine.
I highly recommend this, Beautiful Ones,  to help you connect with your own sacred divinity.


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