I am a Priestess -in-training with the Circulo de Isis in the 13 Moons study program. My deities are intimate and very personal. They are family. They are Imminent and Emergent.

My practice has evolved significantly in the past two to three years from explorations in Heathenry (that I found less than satisfying) to a Hellenic paradigm which is proving to be a much more comfortable and progressive fit for my spirituality. Many elements make up my practice such as Devotional Adornment, Godspousing, and Dream Incubation. These are not the limits of my practice, but certainly contribute heavily. (I hope to add a glossary for those unfamiliar with these terms in the future. )

I am not only a priestess. I am a wife and mother, which has a spiritual progression all its own. Blending Godspousing with a physical realm marital relationship has its challenges. I discovered it is entirely possible to have the best of both worlds.

I am a researcher who chases after knowledge usually in a highly experiential fashion..

My hobbies are numerous and quite varied. I bellydance, paint, quilt, sew, and write. That’s just to name a few.

Growing up, I came from a very Southern, very fundamentalist Christian culture. I come from backwoods junkyards and used cars, farmers. My childhood is littered with splashing in creeks that were home to venomous snakes, blackberry bushes that would slice your arm open and make you earn your desert. Tent revivals and Vacation Bible School down at the local Baptist church. I came from a world of white trash and Baptist church ladies that could put Fifth Avenue to shame. I still love a good tent meeting with good gospel music. There are, however, inherent problems in fundamentalism of any flavor and most of it has to do with the relentless pursuit of destroying Divine Femininity. I believe strongly in reconnecting women with the Divine Feminine. Our culture has all but completely cut us off from our femininity. This journey is a quest to reignite the Goddess fires that burn within us still. We only need to remember our Divinity. We are all Goddess. Because I remembered that we are all Goddess, I had to leave that world behind. I began a quest to find myself, to find my Goddess, and to bring that knowledge back to my world.

Many times my spirituality has been labelled “flighty”, “spiritual kite flying”, “flavor of the week”. It has been anything but those things. I have spent a lifetime looking for the pieces of my Divinity. All religions had a piece of it. It is my hope that in my Hellenic practices, I will begin to live my truth with purpose and dignity in my world.

This quest took me out of the Buckle of the Bible Belt down a road to pretty silks that awakened the senses. Ways of Knowing that I had been misled about but proved accurate , healing, and helpful. I found joy and that the Divine is present in All our senses. I am learning compassion and kindness at the Lotus Feet of all goddesses I encounter. I use Environmentalism as a connecting point to foster relationship with My Goddess.My Sacred Mother is Thetis the Silver Footed Goddess of the Seas.

I am not a reconstructionist of anything. I believe the gods have evolved over the span of time, just as we do. I have, however, taken what I have learned, experimented, and incorporated it where I found it useful. I discard or change what is not helpful.

The Divinity which resides within me bows in respect to the Divinity which resides within You.


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